The most famous diamonds in the world

Most famous and largest diamonds in white topaz
The worlds most famous diamonds in white topaz

My grandfather was a gemstone cutter and he was specialized in making collectors cases with replicas of the largest and most famous diamonds in the world, such as the Cullinan Diamonds, the Koh-i-Noor (old and new cut), Regent, Jubilee, the Nassak or the Spoonmaker Diamond. I remember playing with the wooden mockups when I was very little. He did cut these reproductions in rock crystal and, the more precious version, in white topaz. The coloured diamonds like the Blue Hope, the Tiffany Diamond or the Dresden Green in synthesis.

My grandfather couldn’t finish the last collectors case he started making in white topaz. My parents now handed over this case to me and I am going to finish this collection with my father, who is a gemstone cutter as well.
Started researching these days, thank internet, I found more detailed informations about these famous diamonds. My grandfather made the Shah Diamond for example with two engravings, now I researched that there were three engravings on this special diamond, which is in the Kreml in Moskau today. I am so excited to start working on this interesting project.

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