Kassoum Coulibaly, *1970


Kassoum Coulibaly is a contemporary Senufo carver from Korhogo, who still carves in the traditional style. The idea of the Syonfolô, horserider, and how it is represented hasn't changed over decades. The Senufo do not documetate as we do by measuring, counting, typecasting or photographing. The Senufo save the knowledge by repeating the sculpture. A carver usually learn his skills from his father. Kassoum learnt from his father, Madou Coulibaly, also from Korhogo.


Kassoum Coulibaly is a fantastic example of how contemporary cavers still go on in the traditional sculpture, keep it by repeating, and add their own handwriting to it. In his case, horse and rider are not logical in their anatomy, they never were in displaying a Syonfolô. The waved line of the back of the horse for example is the individual apprehension of form only Kassoum is doing.









Syonfolô, carved by Kassoum Coulibaly, Koulé from Korhogo.

25,5 x 17,0 x 5,0 cm, wood.



Wenn Urform Form bestimmt, Markus Ehrhard, pages 134 - 135.