Drissa Coulibaly, Koulé from Korhogo, *ca. 1930 +2022

Drissa Coulibaly was a Koulé and belonged to Senufo sub-group of the Fodonon. He was born around 1930 in the region south of Korhogo. His son is Bakari Coulibaly, who now is the strongest Koulé of the Senufo tribe. Bakari learned carving from his father. Drissa carved from the 1950ies until the 1990ies. His repertoire included all kind of masks, statues and utilities, such as spoons or heddle pulleys. He died after long illness in Korhogo in an age over 90.


The shown Syonfolô is the only documentated sculpture of Drissa. This horserider shows a family, father and mother with two children. Usually a male rider sits on a horse and represents power and force. Showing a family is different in that position. But the the male rider on this statue holds beside an axe also riffle in right hand, which is very unusual.