Melié Coulibaly, +1952


For the work of a Koulé, the carving of this Kpelié looks rudimentary and raw. The surface is uneven, you can see the marks of the hatchet and the sides are not synchron. The composition is simple and the construction pure, not a so-called masterpiece. But there is nothing wrong with this style of Melié Coulibaly from Landiougou, it is a typical mask from a time of origin between 1920 to 1930, and it is certainly not less powerful than a masterpiece. Karl-Heinz Krieg found this mask 1976 in Pivoro.




Kpelié mask, carved by  Melié Coulibaly , Koulé from Landiougou. +1952.

Former Karl-Heinz Krieg Collection.

32,0 x 12,5 x 6,5 cm, wood.




Wenn Brauch Gebrauch beeinflusst, Markus Ehrhard, pages 108 - 109.