Tiénlé Koné, *1910 +1993



Tiénlé Koné had no family relation to Gobé Koné, though they lived in the same region and both were Fono with the same name. For molding a wax mask, Tiénlé used a wooden template. There are four other masks known, all in the same shape and proportion.


His casts in brass were extremely thin. This Kpelié mask is very shiny, the surface got polished with lemon water. Characteristic for Tiénle´'s style are the high arched eyebrows.



Kpelié mask, casted by Tiénlé Koné, Fono from Landiougou. * 1910 in Gbon,+1993 in Landiougou.

Time of creation around 1950.

Collected by Karl-Heinz Krieg 1975 in Gbon.

22,5 x 11,0 x 4,5 cm, brass.



Wenn Brauch Gebrauch beeinflusst, Markus Ehrhard, page 130 - 131.