Zié Soro, *1945

Senufo Kpelie Poro
Zié Soro, June 2015 in Djemntene. Photo courtesy by Souleymane Arachi

Zié Soro is a Koulé from Djemntene. He learned carving from his father when he was between 10 and 12 years old. As a Koulé he does not even carve masks or statues, he is also known to carve furniture. Today he has 6 children and, from generation to generation, they learn carving from Zié. In the age of 72 he retired.


In an interview he said he made that the shown Kpelié mask for the Poro around 1990. The two smaller Kpelié faces at the side of this mask are a sign of the Koulé of his generation and region. It is said, that these faces let le spirit see in every direction, but there is no confirmation about this explanation.


His mask is a good example of a recent Kpelié, which features and decorations have not changed and still are in todays ritual usage. A mask that was made for Poro can only been seen by members of the Poro. These masks represent a fierce power of the spirits.


It could not be clarified, if Zié is in family relation to Doh Soro from Djemntene or Yalourga Soro from Ganaoni.












Kpelié mask for the Poro, carved by Zié Soro, Koulé from Djemntene.

Date of origin around 1990.

32,5 x 15,0 x 7,5 cm, wood.



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